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a case where an indiana drug dealer was arrested and subsequently had his cell phone call log searched by police. the officers didn't have a warrant or permission to do so. the appeal court ruled in favor of the police. the u.s. judge says the restrictions on warrants are relaxed with the passenger of a motor vehicle. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see an officer push the envelope but i would think a prudent officer would carefully read what the judge wrote. >> reporter: the ruling can only be enforced in the seven circuit jurisdiction. however, it may very well serve as a precedent in washington because the judge's opinion are held in high regard. >> it's certain anything he says is going to be given some degree. >> reporter: if you find yourself to be given up why you are phone without being arrested, he gives this advice. >> just because they're stopped doesn't mean you have the right to give up your fourth amendment rights. >> reporter: in the indiana case, the police used the suspect call log to try him to a drug dealing ring. that suspect was later convicted and sentenced to 10 ye
to discipline students outside the walls of the classroom? it is interesting. that's what an indiana bill is proposing. >> the bill states quote a student may be suspended or excelled for engaging an activity off school grounds. that means on weekend, holidays, school breaks even on summer students can get in trouble. >> doesn't have to be a legal trouble either. that leads us to the question of the day out of school in trouble just a sign or over the line? >>> i am seeing this across the country not just in indiana. i have friends who are principals and they already do this. they kick kids out of athletic events if they see a drinking photo on facebook. to me let the parents do their job. i am not condoning any of the behavior kids do outside of class, but it's outside of school property. >> it's like throwing in the towel and saying parents aren't doing the job of parenting they should so we will take control of it. teachers and administrators have enough to worry about. >> how about educating our kids. how about upping the grades and improving academic performance rather than worrying
paid. tavis: my mother watches this show back in indiana, and i do not want to scare her. i was at the doctor's office the other day. i am fine, mom. i was complaining about something, and i said to my doctor, i would like to get this tested, and he thought it made sense and called the insurance company and asked them. it was being done for preventative measure. they absolutely refused to pay for it, so i am thinking, i am tavis smiley. maybe if i get on the phone, maybe i can talk tm into it. after all, i am the guy who pays the premiums. so i get on the telephone and try to talk them into it, and they would absolutely not budge on paying for this, and i found myself in a huge fight on the phone with my own insurance about what they would not pay for something that i was asking to have done for a preventive measure and absolutely would not do it. upset. it made me live in the other day. the point is, and there it is not any money in prevention. >> there are certain things that we ignore and do not do, and then there are certain things that doctors very frequently get into a
and midwest. and henryville, indiana, was one of the towns hit hardest. local schools were destroyed by twisters and so school administrators came together last night to figure out how to get the kids back into classes. they decided to keep the students together by sending elementary schools to a large church. the older kids will attend a science center ten miles from home. >> it's kind of like bringing everybody back to normal or what is going to be the new normal. i think it's going to help everything and the situation. >> i think for tonight, they made the best decision they can. i know that a lot of kids are ready to get back to school. >> the idea of portable classrooms was dismissed because of expense. all the senior activities are still on schedule like the senior trips and of course the senior prom. >>> a virginia woman is calling on the state lottery to pay up. juanita thought she was a winner. the lottery did text her the winning numbers and they matched her ticket exactly. so she was thinking of ways to spend her $2600 prize when she got another text an hour later. it
officers have the right to search your cell phone without a warrant. the ruling stems from an indiana case where a suspected drug dealer had his cell phone call logs searched by police. the decision also affects parts of illinois, indiana and wisconsin. however a local attorney believes it could set a precedent in d.c. because the judges' opinions are well respected. the lawyer also says it's your right to and police to get a warrant before searching your phone. >>> well, we are getting closer and closer to the ipad 3 release date. >> but one expert says you may not want to rush out to buy it. at 5:18, five good reasons why you should wait to shell out the big bucks. we'll be back. denny's new sizzlin' skillets are here for a limited time. so strike while the iron's hot. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> good morning and welcome back to 9news now. 5:15. we're all excited about it being friday because the weekend is just a few hours away for us. >> uh-huh. >> tonight it's going to be a bad weekend. just kind of chilly on saturday. sunny and dry and sund
was not inside when the roof blew over. >>> students in henryville indiana are preparing to head back to school. the superintendent says returning to class could return as early as next week. almost half of the town's school was destroyed in last week's tornado and officials are trying to sort out where students are going to go. >> i think it's good because i would rather be back in school than not be in school and doing nothing all day. >> hard part is before they can get back to the temporary locations the superintendent says they have to get inspections done before everyone can return to class. the fire marshal and health department have to look into it how quickly those things happen will depend on when school gets back in session. >> you are talking about the weather we have experienced lately. it was 70 yesterday and 70, 71 but it was so windy it was hard to enjoy knee got gust up to 40 miles an hour across-- >> we got gusts up to 40 miles an hour across some parts. the only difference is we will change the wind dreck from the southwest to the north -- direction from the southwest to the
headstones will be placed on previously unmarked graves. >>> 4:50. students in indiana are preparing to go back to school almost a half of henryville schools destroyed in last week's tornadoes. students could return next week at the henryville junior senior high school. school officials say they can save half of what's left of the school. they are relying now on donations for just about everything from desks to buses to get things hopefully back to normal. >>> and windy weather was too much for a gas station in massachusetts. it knocked over a canopy which landed on top of a car. the driver of the minivan was not in the vehicle at the time. good thing there. national weather service said winds got up to 50 miles per hour. it was in the 60s, believe it or not, down in new england yesterday. so the weather is a little wacky right now. >> that's new bedford. now where that is? >> down on the south coast of massachusetts. >> is it always windy over there? >> it was that day, i got news for you. >> i lived in wyoming and i have never seen such strong winds until i lived there. all right. let's
that killed an indiana corrections officer and injured three other officers. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. judy wang has more on the top story from the lake county sheriff's department in crown point 25 year-old britany muex was killed the mother of five year- old girl and former marine ... the clientsuspect was accompanied by his attorney and turned himself in wednesday evening for corrections officers were jogging outside the facility during a training exercise and as you the accelerated and had them from behind never attempting to stop. one officer was killed on the scene three others were seriously injured ... there was a procession from the lake county governments complex to the scene and there will be a memorial honoring britany muex ... a search warrant was executed at the home of the suspect but no charges have been filed as of yet >>the search for missing man may be over after a body was pulled from lake michigan. chicago police divers retrieved the
require it. the state of florida and indiana have tried similar programs before they were stopped by the courts. what they found is less than 1% to 2% of the people that were tested were actually using drugs. and so talking about a very small percentage. the amount that you get for unemployment in arizona is the lowest in the country, about $240 per week. >> my point is for government jobs, i think people have to do this. i mean, i'm trying to figure out what the down side is. maybe we would be helping people who actually have a drug problem. >> well, perhaps. there's money in this bill for funding for drug treatment, yes, but what the federal government has said is that if we go forward with this legislation, that we could very likely lose our federal money for unemployment. so that means, you know, thousands of people in arizona who are on unemployment who aren't using drugs are going to lose the $200 a week that they need to put money on the table, to feed their families and to get back on their feet. >> all right. it's a very interesting debate. >> you know, beauty of our fed
out the school year. district administrators in henryville, indiana just announced their 1,200 displaced students will be bused o'two temporary schools in nearby towns. high school and middle school towns will be in an industrial building. the younger kids will go to a former private school. >> we're excited to figure out where they're going to be going. they're going to keep all the elementary in one school. it will be an adjustment. but you know, we're stronger than those tornadoes. so we'll all come together and we'll make it through it. >> resilience in the face of tragedy as always. elementary students will resume classes there in about ten days. >>> another tragic avalanche in the northwest. the bodies two of skiers have been found in wyoming. buried under mounds of snow. steve robio and chris onafor, both well-known back country skiers, were caught in an 11,000-foot slide at grand teton national park on wednesday. searchers found them after picking up signals from their avalanche beacons. >>> well, that powerful solar storm that threatened the earth's magnetic fields
washington of quarterbacks -- george washington of quarterbacks. he can run in indiana. they love him there. from louisiana, they love him there. this is not for vice president. run in tennessee where he played college quarterback. >> call audibles in romney debates. >> bret: there you go. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a follow-up on the interview with the majority leader eric cantor.  today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> bret: finally tonight, we had house majority leader eric cantor on "special report" thursday. while we don't like to brag here, it does seem like we left a lasting impression. >> why are you pretty much it among the big cheeses? [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i'm in that category or not. i will tell you this, bret -- >> i k
indiana are getting ready to head back to class. they are expected to start in a nearby school monday. it destroyed half of henryville high school and they hope to re- open by the fall. >>> the red cross is assisting tens of thousands of displaced by the storm. >>> details released in the shooting at the university of pittsburgh. it happened at the western psychiatric institute and clinic. a man walked in to the lobby and opened fire with two semi automatic weapons. two people were killed and six wounded. today one victim is identified an an employee of the clinic. police are considering releasing a postmortem photo. >>> u.s. military sign as deal to transfer its prison over to afghanistan control. key step in the long-term impact or pact on u.s. military presence in afghanistan. the u.s. will handover the 3000 afghanistans held at the par one detention facile. president obama and afghanistan president karzai continued to work on a formal agreement for the role of u.s. forces after nato's transfer of security in 2014. >>> the republican presidential hopefuls push economic plans and t
as early as next >>> students in indiana are preparing to head back to class. almost half of henryville school was destroyed? last week's tornado. students could return as early as next week at the hen veryville junior senior high school. the officials say they can save half of what's left in henryville. they relying on donations from desks to buses to get things back to normal. [ screeching tires ] >>> that's a little scary. amazing nobody was hurt when a texas teen lost control of the car and almost hit someone before he crashed into the side of the house. you see them highlight it there. he just kept going. didn't stop. a neighbor's security camera recorded the whole thing. and the 16-year-old driver's mother had to go to the house to apologize for her son's tough driving there. >> this weekend we are springing forward. so that means putting your clock one hour ahead and it turns out that the start of daylight saving time can have an impact on your health. a team from the university of alabama found that time change can increase the risk of heart attacks by 10%. the impact isn't felt
's autopsy. >> top story tonight. wgn live from northwest indiana news of upcoming charges of deadly hit and run case >> press conference held tomorrow sheriff's complex in crown point announcing charges against a person of interest in the deadly hit and run a correction officer dead three other co-workers injured sheriff's office telling wgn news investigators presented charge a commission to prosecutors late today 25 year old marine corps back to read sigel mother of five month old daughter and corrections officer tuesday afternoon run with three co-workers rundown by hit and run driver and the three who survived the badly injured one is still critical condition after surgery earlier today. late last night person of interest will your walk into sheriff's office talking to police since that as friends and co-workers continue to stop by her memorial. >> at work have not been able to come over here just came to see the memorial to pay respects. >> is it pretty tough all but there are a lot of people? >> a lot of people did not know her over there but people at the jail and a great pe
from southern indiana is going to say why isn't there this in my corn field? these would be largely urban investments where the congestion and overuse of gasoline. >> at the end of the day, it's almost as if what we're asking for is a cultural shift as much as it is a policy shift, which is to shift to a culture in which we don't demand sort of blind equality, but we demand blind equal opportunity and proportional evaluation the same way we see in the hospitals. i don't treat everybody with the same treatment. i find out what's wrong with the individual who is sick and give them a customized treatment. i feel like we get lost between equality and equal opportunity. >> nobody is seriously talking about we want equality of outcomes. but we certainly want equality of opportunity. by the way, that's missing. one of the reasons it's missing is because of the basic excessive levels of income inequality that rob opportunities from folks in the bottom half. we have a solid trend going on the jobs front. that's very helpful. no matter how you measure it, you want us to be headed in the right
in henryville, indiana, from public media station wfyi in indianapolis. all that and more is on our web site, newshourpbs.org. >> suarez: and again to our honor roll of american service personnel killed in the iraq and afghanistan conflicts. we add them as their deaths are made official and photographs become available. here, in silence, are nine more. >> suarez: and that's the newshour for tonight. on monday, we'll look at the second of miles o'brien's reports from fukushima, where he examines the efforts to decontaminate the land around the power plant. i'm ray suarez. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. "washington week" can be seen later this evening on most pbs stations. we'll see you online, and again here monday evening. have a nice weekend. thank you and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and wit
, california, and indiana to name a few. >> thank you, ladies and judgment. it good afternoon. thank you for being here. my name is michael. i want to thank georgetown university law center for hosting this very specially event that we have had and are having here today. hensarling sahlin influential leaders throughout the department of justice -- and for allowing influential leaders throughout the department of justice and other agencies and offices as well as nine different consumer protection groups to gather together under one roof and to talk about critical issues that affect millions of americans all across the country, every day. four weeks ago today, united states attorney general eric holder announced the creation of the consumer protection group, punctuating his commitment to preventing and prosecuting fraud against some of our most vulnerable citizens. during his time as attorney general, he has charged civil attorneys and criminal prosecutors to use all the resources in their arsenal to enhance their enforcement of consumer fraud. these efforts have been met with tremendous s
indiana hoosiers ba-ba-boo-yah to you. >> it could be your year boo-yah. what's going on? >> caller: saw unemployment numbers unchanged today at 8.3%. i'm wondering how you think that would play into monster.com's symbol mww. >> okay, remember, mww apparently has hired a banker to put itself up for sale. i think that what will matter is the valuation of the franchise, not necessarily whether more jobs are created. i want you to look to paychecks. i want you to look to automatic data. and then unbelievably, can you believe this, cintas, how great that worked, 52-week high. that was my play for labor. if that pulls back, that will be a better move. how about rex in new york? rex. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> not bad, thank you for asking. how about you, rex? >> caller: good. i'm just going to ask you about a stock everyone loves to hate. i'm asking about gmcr, green mountain coffee roasters. the introduction of starbucks k cup. we know starbucks is going to take a market cap out of gmcr. how much will starbucks take out of it -- >> one of the things that i -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >
in indiana as vladimir putin is in russia. putin did get 107% of the vote in one precinct. but he will retire his jersey as he turns full-time in the role as the guy in all those commercials. >> cut that meat! >> sandwich, $6. >> cut that meat. >> if you like 6'5" 230-pound quarterbacks. >> number two, dirty harry. not the british prince guy who got married to that princess girl, but the cool one with the red hair, he was in jamaica this week on a good will mission/weed buying trip and got down with some locals. in the span of just five seconds, harry showed more rhythm than ever member of the british monarchy since the beginning of recorded history combined. and the number one story of the week, snooki's pregnant. >> gianni, stop. what? >> the news this week of snooki's pregnancy was a clear-cut victory for america. >> can i hear an amen? amen. >> but america wasn't the only winner this week. >> i'm going to get this nomination. >> mitt romney took 6 of 10 states on super tuesday. he did somehow fall short in tennessee, though, despite his heart felt recitation, there of the davey crockett t
of the indiana town's school was tornado... so now the school studeets n temporary e classrooms.. as early as next week.one teenager says she's ready to get back to class. ((i think it's good because i'd rather be back in school than not be in school and doing nothing all ay.)) day.))despiie the heavy damage to the school... the district in the old building again by the start of the next schooo year. new parrnershipp between american express and twitter is something to tweet about.amex users who sync their cardsswith twitter will be able to unlock discounts by tweeting hashtags to aselect group of participating merchants.among the companies taking part in the new offer.... whole foods... it'ssthe battle of the booties between the young and old. old.to get teens to pulllup their saggy pants... four north carolina women made a video spoof of themselves wwaring adult diapers with a modified backside to look like thong underwear.these ladies threaten to release this viddo &pif the kids don't comply.. "they can't walk and thhy look like they have on sizee50 they like it if their grandmothees
at least. >> you've got them against syracuse, you definitely have it. i'm from bloomington, indiana, so i'm from around there. i'll root for them. >> it's hoosier country for sure. >> oh, yeah, we'll be back in the tournament this year, we're excited. >> i know it. i know it. good team. indiana beat someone, it was unbelievable. i can't believe it. they beat someone earlier this year. >> kentucky. >> yeah, they knocked off kentucky. >> it was a great game. last-second shot. >> awesome. all right. >> i just don't have a dog in this fight. i mean, division iii state school and they didn't have any professional -- i was going to say professional, high-level college sports. thanks very much, matt, we always appreciate you coming by and the numbers you provide. >> thanks for having me. great weekend, everyone. >> you see he's going public. >> who? >> you didn't see it? >> no! below that. >> offshore -- fender, fender! >> fender is going public. >> that's awesome. >> $200 million, stratocastor. >> i have a great stratocastor that i bought in 1979. >> it was owned by cbs. >> i think mine might b
at a plant in indiana. but it was also a chance for him to cheer the latest job numbers which he says proves the u.s. economy is on the right track. even though not everyone agrees. the u.s. employment picture is far from sunny. but the better than expected february job numbers seems to have pushed a few more dark clouds out of the way. president obama expressed optimism. >> the economy is getting stronger. >> the u.s. labor department reports 227,000 jobs added nationwide. that's the third straight month of job growth above 200,000. >> in the past, corporations were experiencing record profits and sitting on record amounts of cash, over $2 trillion. now they have enough confidence that they're beginning to invest. >> reporter: 31,000 of those jobs were added in manufacturing alone. yet the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 8.3% and across the country, there is frustration. >> i came to madison thinking i can get a job quicker and faster, but it hasn't been the case. >> reporter: republicans were quick to highlight the unemployment number in this e-mail from the rnc, with the subject li
's restaurant. it set up shop in henryville, indiana, a town that was hit hard by last week's tornadoes. it plans to serve 25,000 pizza solutions over the next several days. good for them. >>> finally, remember the solar storm bombarded earth this week? it didn't actually disrupt flights or the gps systems but it did make a pretty cool northern lights brighter. check it out. that's pretty neat. storm chaser caught dramatic video of the northern lights over st. cloud, minnesota. >>> we are still waiting for the president. he's going to be speaking about the new jobs numbers. 227,000 new jobs created last month. and he's also going to be talking about the state of the economy in general. that out of virginia. we expect that he'll be speaking momentarily. going to bring that to you right after the break. look at our route map... and what do you see? clean lines connecting city to city. the map shows you where we go... but not how we get there. because in this business... there are no straight lines. only the twists and turns of an unpredictable industry. the passengers change... the gates
it comes from mitt romney or anyone else. host: indiana. nathan, a republican. good morning. caller: i am wondering if your guest might be concerned about mr. santorum being involved with the jerry sandusky group from penn state. if he does get the job, will this be exploited? guest: i have not heard anything about this. host: where are you getting this information? guest: my mother is involved. he was very involved with the jerry sandusky group. host: what is the group? caller: the group that was molesting children. host: let's leave it there. anne, you're on with fred barnes. caller: i have a personal concern that bothers me. one of my family members is supporting republicans purely on the abortion issue. he is a christian, and so is his wife. i wonder how much debt affects the partisanship in the united states, and that affects the partnership in the united states. i wonder if the republican party is using them. then you have rick santorum, who wants to impose christian the years. christian views they believe are ultimate. i want to see what your thoughts are about that. guest: i am a
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)